This Novena of Grace website was created by Gardiner Street Parish for the 300th successive year of the Novena in Dublin (March 4th-12th 2012). The Preacher was Fr Paul Coutinho SJ, a Jesuit from Mumbai, India, and St. Louis, US. The site provides a range of resources for each of the nine days (see “Recent Posts” menu to the right of this page).

The Novena was a wonderful occasion – prayerful, provocative, meditative and consoling. Large crowds came to each of the four daily sessions, and this community of prayer was expanded through the participation of many more via this online resource. A perpetual light burns at the shrine of St Francis Xavier in our church for the petitions and prayers of everyone who took part (online and in-church!).

For each of the nine days the website provides the scripture, excerpts from Fr Paul’s homily, the Novena prayer and a reflective meditation in the Ignatian tradition led by Fr Donal Neary SJ (PP Gardiner Street Parish).

While the 2012 Novena is over now, we will keep this site live through the year so feel free to return here as you wish to use these resources. You can connect in to any of the nine days on the menu to the right of this page.

And then March 4th-12th 2013, we’ll do it all again!

Blessings from Gardiner Street, Dublin.


4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Paul Coutinho’s powerful and often moving homilies will remain with me for a long time. They betrayed a deep humanity, a profound spirituality but also contained some probing and challenging theology. Any one of these is a great gift in a Novena homilist but we were really privileged this year!
    The event generally remains a strong reminder that our church is now, as ever, a place and a home for the troubled, the powerless, the sick and the broken. Those of us fortunate perhaps at present to be more whole and healthy, are privileged to be with those who, most probably, are closer to the Lord

  2. I went to Gardiner St. Church to attend St Francis Xavier Novena of Grace in March I think it was 1967. i have said the Novena Prayer from time to time ever since and have just finished it 4th March to 12th March 2014. Just saying nine days in return at the moment. Have always had faith in St. Francis Xavier & St. Jude

  3. This Large Church above brings back memeries back in 1967 when we my sister and I along with crowds of people standing in the Street as it was so crowded inside the Chuch we could not get in.I remember how cold it was in March that year. We attended this Novena year after year and I still have faith in St. Francis Xavier to day.

  4. i also remember my days in the church my pockets all seemed to be fulll
    when i left and thats funny because i was born in the pocket and then my pockets were full may the risen christ bless your work

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